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Who should pay for the first date?

The person who said that I should not pay alone for the expenses that we enjoyed together filed a lawsuit. It is said that the female who did not spend money left the male behind in the entertainment area.

Who should pay for the first date?

People's lifestyles are constantly changing with the seasons. Technology is one of the things that make life easier.

Accordingly, in a fast-paced world, people use technology to facilitate their work and social interaction. Many have used the Internet for everything from falling in love to starting families and making friendships that last for years. In Russia, they use the Internet to make acquaintances through social networking sites and agree to develop their relationship into love. These people make a date to meet in person at a resort in Moscow.

Meeting by appointment, these hopefuls talk, get to know each other, and have fun, but when the bill comes, they collide. Even if the man suggests that they pay the bill together, the woman does not want to share the cost and insists that you are the one who should pay.

Finally, after the female leaves the resort, the male pays 16,000 Russian rubles or $165. This man said that the cost is too much and she had to pay half of the payment, and he took the matter to the police station, ODT Central reported. It is said that the Moscow police station, which has been charged, is considering how to respond to the applicant.


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