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United Nations General Assembly facts

The annual General Assembly of the United Nations is the largest international forum.

The 78th UN General Assembly started today.

The General Assembly of the United Nations has started in New York, where the countries' leaders discuss the world's current challenges and the next solutions in September every year.

The 78th United Nations General Assembly will discuss the natural and man-made problems facing our planet with more than 150 leaders.

According to the United Nations founding charter, the United Nations General Assembly, which was started in 1945, is where the leaders of the countries deliver their messages within 15 minutes.

The current leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, who gave a speech at the General Assembly in 1960, held the record for giving a long speech of 4 hours out of 30.

193 UN Member States and Observers will attend the conference, see the facts:

  1. It took place in New York once a year

  2. It stays for 21 days

  3. it has 193 member countries

  4. Started in 1945

  5. It will discuss the issue of the Ukraine war and the Conflict in Ethiopia and Sudan.

  6. Brazil will present first and will be followed by the US

  7. Only 15 leaders will be allowed to discuss

  8. The longest speech was for 4 hours and "à minutes by Fidel Castro


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