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The United States has imposed new sanctions on those who have aggravated the instability in Sudan

Washington declares that it will continue targeting those exacerbating the conflict for their interests.

The US said that the sanctioned bodies were obstructing the ceasefire. The United States has announced new sanctions against two companies it says have fueled the unrest in Sudan.

Washington has imposed sanctions on a Russian-based company and an individual over the crisis that has led to the deaths of Shiites and the displacement of millions. The move is Washington's latest round of sanctions since fighting broke out in April between the Sudanese army and the rebel force.

"Today's action holds accountable those who have prevented a peaceful and democratic solution in Sudan," the US Treasury said.

"We will continue to target those who are escalating the conflict for their gain," he added.

The Treasury has announced that it has sanctioned Ali Karati, who was the foreign minister under Omar al-Bashir.

In addition, the GSK company, which is said to make equipment purchases for the fast-moving forces, has also been sanctioned.

"[Karati] and other hardline Sudanese Islamists are impeding efforts to reach a ceasefire between the army and the Sudanese government and Sudan's democratic transition," the Treasury said.


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